Integral Church releases statement about Marc Gafni

The following is a repost of a statement posted on the official Integral Church facebook page on January 6, 2016.

Marc Gafni has, through the course of his life, made significant literary contributions to the offerings of spiritual texts that, for many, have helped to broaden and deepen their spiritual experience. There are also many that have learned from Marc and have appreciated his charismatic and inspiring teachings.

Unfortunately, recent validation of mounting evidence has revealed a different face of Marc Gafni. Marc’s hidden face is that of an alleged sexual predator. There have been many women who have come forward to tell their stories of Marc; their stories of violation with their terror and their pain; some underage at the time of the alleged assaults. So much validated evidence of this type of behavior from one associated with Integral leadership demands a response from any establishment associating with the Integral knowledge tradition.

We at Integral Church are deeply saddened by Marc’s behavior and deeply outraged by his continued denial in the face of his victims’ pain. We continue to be firm in our belief that Integral leadership demands a high level of personal integrity to self, to others, and to the world; and that this in turn establishes a range of acceptable right actions as well as high levels of accountability for those actions in the world. Marc Gafni, it seems from the mounting evidence, has fallen far below those standards.

We acknowledge Marc’s apparent high spiritual state and cognitive line attainment and would under no circumstance wish to throw the baby out with the bathwater, however, coupled with the evidence of some sort of developmental pathology and Marc’s continued denial at every level, Integral Church cannot endorse Marc as a spiritual leader, or in fact, an Integral leader. His life is a testament to how badly stage development can go wrong, how insidious it is, and sometimes how it wears a mask of beauty and inspiration. We are saddened to have such a clear example in our midst.

Marc’s continued denial of his actions and the damage he has inflicted must not be ignored due to his status, nor condoned by convenient silence. While we can acknowledge the pathology and shadow that anchors such behavior and have compassion for such wounding, we are also committed to a high level of integrity that demands these aspects of self and shadow be addressed. We would like to be part of the Integral Voice that demands Marc Gafni take responsibility for his actions by accepting the perspectives of his victims as valid; seek restitution to his victims; seek treatment intervention for himself; and voluntarily remove himself from any positions or affiliations of power that allow him to victimize students in the future.

The Board of Directors, Integral Church

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