Open Letter to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey RE: Marc Gafni

The following is a repost of an article by Nancy Levine first published on on January 18, 2016.

Dear Mr. Mackey,

The New York Times reported your link to alleged sex offender Marc Gafni on December 25, 2015.  Mr. Gafni admitted his offense, describing one of his alleged victims:
“She was 14 going on 35…”
The Times also reported:
“A co-founder of Whole Foods, John Mackey…is a chairman of the executive board of Mr. Gafni’s center.”
From About Money, January 15, 2016:
James McRitchie, a California investor and shareholder activist emailed members of the Whole Foods Board of Directors on New Year’s Day:

“Mr. Mackey has a fiduciary duty to WFM shareholders. His affiliation with Gafni and the center certainly put the reputation and value of WFM at risk.”


“Complaints were submitted on January 11, 2016 to the IRS and California Office of the Attorney General, questioning federal tax and state nonprofit regulatory compliance by the Center for Integral Wisdom. John Mackey was named in both complaints, as board chair of the organization.”
Brad Hecht, Vice President and Chief Research Officer at Reputation Institute emailed:
“As the founder of, primary spokesman for, and emotional leader of Whole Foods Market, John Mackey has a responsibility to immediately and directly address this issue. Reputation Institute’s research has shown that the two dimensions of corporate leadership and corporate governance make up almost one-third of Whole Foods Market’s overall reputation, and directly influence the willingness of consumers to buy and support Whole Foods vs. other alternatives.
Whether he is willing to admit it or not, Mackey’s personal actions and associations will have a direct impact on the reputation of Whole Foods Market, and therefore the willingness of customers to support the company he leads.”
Mr. Mackey, as a shareholder of Whole Foods Market (WFM), on behalf of all stakeholders in the company, I am calling on you to immediately and directly address this issue.
Thank you,
Nancy Levine
Woodacre, California




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