Gafni Pledge signed by respected authors, business, and spiritual leaders

The following pledge first appeared in an article by Carolyn Baker first published by the Huffington Post on January 22, 2016.

We, the undersigned, have concluded, based upon direct experience, investigation, or conversation with trusted allies, that we cannot endorse Marc Gafni as a teacher in any way.  Furthermore, we will not feature him in any event, publication, or online activity we produce, nor will we participate as a speaker or promote any event in which he is featured.

Signed by:

Sera Beak – Author of Red Hot and Holy

Joan Borysenko – Mind-Body Health Sciences

Adam Bucko – Hab Community

Sandra de Castro Buffington, Founder, The Story Collaboratory

Rev. Diane Berke – Founder, One Spirit Learning Alliance

Stephen Dinan – CEO, The Shift Network

John Dupuy – Author, Integral Recovery

Gordon Dveirin – Co-author, Your Soul’s Compass

Scott Edelstein – Author, Sex and the Spiritual Teacher

Mark Forman – Author, A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy

Lion Goodman – Founder, Clear Your Beliefs

Andrew Harvey – Founder, Institute for Sacred Activism

Craig Hamilton – CEO, Evolving Wisdom

Harriet Hawkins – Center for Spiritual Living Livermore Valley

Ross Hostetter – Founder, The Fieldwork School

Jean Houston – Author, The Possible Human

Kurt Johnson – The Interspiritual Network

Anodea Judith – Founder, Sacred Centers

Bill Kauth – Founder, The ManKind Project

Rory McEntee – Foundation for New Monasticism

Devaa Haley Mitchell – Co-founder, The Shift Network

David Nicol – Founder, Subtle Activism Network

Terry Patten – Integral Evolutionary Practice

John Robbins – Author, Diet for a New America

Ocean Robbins – CEO, The Food Revolution Network

Bruce Sanguin – Author, The Way of the Wind

Robb Smith – CEO, Integral Life

Mirabai Starr – Author, Caravan of No Despair

Marcia Wieder – CEO, Dream University

Dennis Wittrock – Co-director, Integral European Conference

Claire Zammit – Founder, Feminine Power

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