Evidence that Marc Gafni is Behind the RiseUp movie

While Marc Gafni has been removed from the RiseUp movie and fundraising sites and his team is telling people he has nothing to do with the movie, it’s clear from many lines of evidence that it really is his movie.

#1 – Until May 1st, he has still been listed as featured in the film, as co-envisioning it and writing, and co-producing it.



cap1vlcsnap-2016-05-01-16h18m30s252#2 – The following text has been listed until May 1, with screenshot evidence below

Rise Up Movie from the Success 3.0 Summit

With Michael Bernard Beckwith, Marc Gafni, Barbara Marx Hubbard and special Guests John Mackey, Tony Robbins, and Hillary Swank, and interviews with speakers and guests of the summit.

Directed by Michael-Shaun Conaway, co-envisioned and written by Marc Gafni, co-produced by Kate Maloney, Alex Melnyk and Marc Gafni

vlcsnap-2016-05-03-15h18m21s137 - Copy

#3 – An early version of the trailer in which Gafni appears at 1:34

#4 – Gafni’s close ally and Center for Integral Wisdom Board member Chahat Corten wrote the following on Facebook on March 15, 2015, followed by multiple pictures of Gafni clearly in both directing, speaking, and collaborating roles.  Pictures also depict Barbara Marx Hubbard and Michael Bernard Beckwith, both in the movie.

cap 3

cap 4

cap 5

cap 6

cap 7

cap 8

cap 9

cap 10

cap 11

cap 12

#5 – Gafni references the movie as part of their think tank interview in recording leaked to the forward (start around 6:50)
#6 – Center for Integral Wisdom announcement post for Riseup, clearly referencing “our” generosity campaign.
cap 13 - Copy - Copy

#7 – In a bio for an upcoming event listed at the Center for Integral Wisdom, Marc is listed as the co-director of RiseUp with the following language:

vlcsnap-2016-05-03-14h33m29s76 - Copy

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