The purpose of this website is to inquire into the deeper truth about Marc Gafni, (also known as Mordechai Winiarz or Mordechai Gafni) especially by featuring testimonials, stories, and experiences that have remained hidden from public view.

Our intention is that this will bring healing, justice, and closure.

If you wish to read about the testimonials of his friends and allies, as well as support for his written and teaching work, you can find those at www.marcgafni.com. Note that many people report that statements and testimonials there were written by Marc Gafni and signed by others, so be wary of assuming veracity. Others have asked repeatedly to have statements taken down that they no longer believe, to no avail.

Our commitment is to maintain neutral journalistic standards and not take a position on what should or should not happen to Marc moving forward.

This site exists as a safe place for people to share their experience and to connect you to web resources that allow you to deepen your own inquiry and make your own assessment. If you have an experience you wish to share, you can do so on the Submissions page.

May truth, justice, and love prevail!


“…Only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth. And that is not speaking.” – Audre Lorde